Taqiyya and the American Mosque

By Mary Fairchild


IMAMI Mosque, Streamwood, Illinois.

The Islamic tradition of taqiyya stretches back to the sixth-century AD when, following disputes over succession after the Prophet Mohammed’s death, the minority Shiites developed taqiyya, or “holy deception”, to conceal their “true” beliefs from the Sunni majority and to maintain operational security for their jihad/ terrorist missions in the dar el-harb—The Domain of War.

The IMAMI Mosque (Islamic Mission and Mosque, Inc.) pictured above was recently constructed in Streamwood, Illinois.  It is one of the three Twelver Shiite mosques in the Chicago area. Twelver is the largest branch of Shia Islam.  The term Twelver refers to its adherents’ belief in twelve divinely ordained leaders, known as the Twelve Imams who are the spiritual and political successors to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. According to the theology of Twelvers, the Twelve Imams are exemplary human individuals who not only rule over the community in justice, but also are able to keep and interpret sharia and the esoteric meaning of the Quran.

MfairladyDearbornThe largest mosque in America opened in 2005: The Islamic Center of America, Dearborn, Michigan.  In this area, among other requests, a McDonald’s restaurant will make meals available using meat cut according to Islamic law. (8)  Dearborn has allowed the Muslim call to prayer under its general noise ordinance, without a specific amendment. In 2004, Hamtramck, Michigan, approved the call to prayer and Michigan City approved an amendment to its noise ordinance to allow Muslim call to prayer over loud speakers 5 times daily, from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.  The Muslim call for prayer, in Arabic, says: “Allah is great. I confess that there is no God but Allah. I confess that Mohamed is his messenger. Call for prayer, call for prayer.” This is repeated for two minutes.

Islam has projected itself to become the largest religion in the U.S. by 2040.  Currently, Pew Research Center believes that there’s approximately 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States. Given the total U.S. population, this means that Muslims currently comprise 1 percent. But by 2050, Pew thinks that Muslims may surge to 8.1 million.  This is due in part by Muslim immigration, Pew noted, since about 10 percent of all legal immigrants are Muslim. Another is because Muslim families tend to have far more children than the average, which is the case in Europe, as well.

In most Muslim countries, Jewish synagogues and Christian churches are not even permitted to be built, much less promoted via public-address loudspeakers. Mosques all over the Middle East have used and abused loudspeakers to spread not only the call for prayers, but also Friday sermons. In many Arab capitals you can often hear a prayer to destroy the infidels (non-Muslims) and the Jews, the enemies of God, over loudspeakers that are often used as tools of incitement and indoctrination. People in congested and noisy Arab cities such as Cairo often hear 3 or 4 mosque loudspeakers simultaneously since there could be 4 or more mosques in one square mile. (22)

“..we should shrink from backing measures of highly selective and politicized “tolerance” which may be the forerunner of other demands that will restrict rather than expand religious and political liberty.” Jonathan Tobin 

A new tower is being built in St. Louis, in the city with the famous arch built as a reminder of the great expansion into the West by pioneers.  As Muslims build their prayer tower in the Bevo Mill Neighborhood of south St. Louis, our nation attempts to mesh together two separate ideologies that will not mix. YouTube: Grand Islamic Center St. Louis

Muslims do not assimilate into the culture of the nations to which they immigrate and they produce an average of four to five children compared to non-Muslims who produce fewer than two children. There are two ways in which Muslims can conquer the world: violent jihad and peaceful jihad through immigration and procreation.

Surveys conducted across Europe have found that 25 percent of Muslims believe that Islam can justify violence against civilians, and a Pew poll has shown that one in eight American Muslims think that suicide bombing can be legitimate. In France, Muslims comprise 8 percent of the population, but make up around 70 percent of the prison population.

Out of 600 American Muslims, 25 percent expressed agreement with the statement, “Violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as part of the global jihad,” according to a 2015 poll produced for the Center for Security Policy. (West; 26)

The largest mosque in the northwest opened in 2009 in Roxbury, Boston, The Islamic Society of Boston .  “I see this as continuing the historic role that Boston has played in the cultural and religious history of America,” said Bilal Kaleem of the Muslim American Society . “This is where the Pilgrims landed and where a lot of the country’s first churches are, and we really see Muslim history in America having one of its key moments here.” (11)

MfairladyRussia“Grief-stricken mothers and fathers trudged through mud and rain Monday to bury their children in graves dug out of a soccer-field sized patch of wasteland in the town of Beslan. FLAGS flew half-staff all across Russia to honor the 335 people–half of them children–who died in last week’s school hostage bloodbath…. Today is the second day of mourning in Russia, where 100,000 people are expected to attend an anti-terrorism rally outside the Kremlin.”   Sept. 7, 2004 Daily Herald News.  Beslan School Seige

Hundreds of people, including many women and children, were killed in ethnic violence near the city of Jos in Nigeria.  BBC News reports: Monday, March 8, 2010: Mark Lipdo, from the Christian charity Stefanos Foundation, said Zot village had been almost wiped out. He said: “We saw mainly those who are helpless, like small children and then the older men, who cannot run, these were the ones that were slaughtered.”

A resident of Dogo-Nahawa said that the attackers had fired guns as they entered the village before dawn on Sunday in defiance of a curfew. They said villages had been attacked by men with machetes who came from nearby hills…. Jos has been under a military curfew since January when at least 200 people died in clashes between Christians and Muslims. “The shooting was just meant to bring people from their houses and then when people came out they started cutting them with machetes,” Peter Jang told Reuters news agency. Some witnesses said villagers were caught in fishing nets and animal traps as they tried to escape and were then hacked to death. Mud huts were also set on fire. Mass burials took place on Sunday and scores more bodies were laid out in the streets of the three attacked villages, awaiting further burials on Monday.

As ISIS warfare in the Middle East displaces over four million refugees, wealthy Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait refuse to take any refugees.  Muslim chieftains and the foreign policies of Bush and Obama in the Middle East have left a vacuum for ISIS to fill.

MfairladyRaphaelIsraeliRaphael Israeli.

Professor Raphael Israeli, a world renowned expert on the subject of the Middle East, is currently Professor of Islamic, Middle Eastern and Chinese History at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. According to Raphael Israeli, as long as Islam lived within its traditional boundaries, its tensions and frictions with the West remained outside the domain of the Western public; it was remote and lay beyond the horizon. But with the rise of fundamentalist Islam and the increase of Muslim immigration to the West, Muslims learned to face up to their host societies and even to confront them in debate. Their growing self-assertion taught them that they could debate the West without being imprisoned or executed, as they would be in their home countries.

Where their numbers created local majorities that no candidate for elective office could ignore, Muslim communities were constructed in certain localities throughout Europe. The growth of these communities required the construction of mosques and Muslim cultural centers, some of which grew into secret lodges of subversion, incitement, and recruitment of radical youth.

Muslim communities have imported the Middle Eastern conflict into their host countries, with attending acts of violence and unbridled Anti-Semitism toward local Jewish communities which had otherwise lived peacefully.  Some European Muslim leaders make no secret of their intent to change Europe to their tune, not to adapt to it. They demand their own school systems, in their own native languages, financed by the host state and, in the long run, to its own detriment.

European countries have adopted multiculturalism, and increasingly multilingualism, as an imposed reality whereby they have abdicated their role to absorb the newcomers and integrate them into the existing systems, and instead let the immigrants dictate their own visions of “integration,” which means in effect separatism, secession, or an eventual takeover when demography had run its course.

When Muslim minorities become frustrated by the unworkability of a pluralistic society, either because they believe they are discriminated against or their expectations are not met, they become antagonistic to their host society. This is so much more so when they perceive the majority as having transgressed the limits of previous coexistence and encroached upon their freedom of worship or conduct. In such cases, they use Western vocabulary (freedom, tolerance, democracy, human rights, etc.) to impress upon their hosts that while they wish to play by the rules of their adoptive countries, it is the latter that violate them.

MfairladyshiitesIn India, Muslims had conquered the land and subjugated Hinduism, but when Muslim power was eroded by the British, Islam sought and achieved separation from the Hindus for the most part, rather than submit to the democratic rule of modern India that would have allowed the Hindus to exercise political domination over the Muslims. When the majority of Indian Muslims established their own state (Pakistan), their ‘ulama spoke of the reinstitution of Sharia as their state law. There was no alternative to this arrangement if one bears in mind the fact that Islam is incompatible with other political ideologies.

MfairladyMadridWhen Europe changed the rules and began to tighten its border control following major terrorist attacks in Madrid and London in 2004-5, the 25 million-strong Muslim population of Europe was already difficult to supervise due to the liberal freedom of movement allowed Europeans across the entire expanse of the European Union.

Muslim communities have imported the Middle Eastern conflict into their host countries, with attending acts of violence and unbridled Anti-Semitism toward local Jewish communities which had otherwise lived peacefully.  Some European Muslim leaders make no secret of their intent to change Europe to their tune, not to adapt to it.  Raphael Israeli

MfairladyLondonAn additional source of demographic growth for the Muslim population in the West is domestic proselytization, which produces some of the most devout and radical Muslims, like the Black Muslims of America, and potential recruits for terrorism like Richard Reid in the UK. In France alone, it is estimated that in the decade between 1995 and 2005, some 50,000 Christian French converted to Islam. (1)

Jonathan Tobin writes for Harvard University, “The passive exhibit of a menorah on Harvard Square or the sound of a bell is very different thing from authorizing a call to prayer, whose translation amounts to a public proclamation that all non-Muslim faiths are false. The public square need not, as rabid separatists demand, be rendered naked of faith. But it is another thing entirely to provide a minority a beachhead from which it may seek to delegitimize everyone else. It would, however, be disingenuous to debate this case without acknowledging that it’s being discussed in a context in which an aggressive Islam is fighting for control… While the left-liberal milieu of Cambridge might be a long way from debate about the viability of the imposition of Sharia, or Muslim religious law (as the Archbishop of Canterbury recently suggested to a shocked Britain, which has seen its capital transformed into what author Melanie Phillips termed “Londonistan” on our society, but there is little question that Islamists are pushing in a direction that should worry everyone…. we should shrink from backing measures of highly selective and politicized “tolerance” which may be the forerunner of other demands that will restrict rather than expand religious and political liberty.” (17)

According to Radical Islam.org, A large majority of mosques in the United States are led by Wahhabi clerics. Wahhabism is an extreme brand of Islam practiced dominantly in Saudi Arabia. According to Muslim estimates, up to 80 percent of mosques in the U.S. are owned, operated and led by Wahhabis.

MfairladyYuhuditYehudit Barsky.

Yehudit Barsky, director of the American Jewish Committee’s Division on Middle East and International Terrorism, writes, “The growth of Islam in the Western societies of Europe, America, and Australia is quite a new phenomenon, and as its numbers increase, the awakening of a Muslim identity discourages integration and gives rise to problems….”

Rather than watching their democracies to prevail as new immigrants were expected to abandon their roots and identity, Europeans found that over the years the gaps had widened, the differences grew into clashes, and the complaints had grown into demands. The Westerners soon realized that they were obliterating their traditionally homogeneous societies for multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and at times even multi-linguistic ones. The goodwill and hospitality of the Europeans was met with violent demonstrations by the Muslims. Upon this acknowledgment, it will not be easy for Turkey to enter the European Union. Turkey would only have freedom of movement of their labor and nationals throughout Europe, but also spreading the message of Islam into all corners of the continent.

With the shrinking European family and the rapid growth of the Muslim population, the next generation Europe could become half Muslim. Britain suspended talks between the parties when it became aware of the fact that Turkish oppression of the Kurds continues unabated, allowing discrimination against women, and that its school textbooks contain thousands of cases of racism and human rights abuses, notably negative portrayals of the Greeks, Jews, Kurds, and Americans. (4)

According to Yehudit Barsky, in the September 2009 Jerusalem Post, “Before the 1970s,” she explained, “Muslim immigrants who came to the United States would build a store-front mosque somewhere. Then, since the 1970s, the Saudis have been approaching these mosques and telling them it wasn’t proper for the glory of Islam to build such small mosques.”

For many Muslims, it seemed the Saudis were offering a free mosque. However, Barsky believes for each mosque they invested in, the Saudis sent along their own imam (teacher-cleric). “These [immigrants] were not interested in this [Wahhabi] ideology, and suddenly they have a Saudi imam coming in and telling them they’re not praying properly and not practicing Shari’a [Islamic law] properly.” This Saudi strategy was being carried out “all over the world, from America to Bangladesh,” with the Saudis investing $70-80 billion in the endeavor over three decades. Barsky, who heads the AJC’s Division on Middle East and International Terrorism and is the executive editor of Counter-terrorism Watch, said this means that “the people now in control of teaching religion [to American Muslims] are extremists. Who teaches the mainstream moderate non-Saudi Islam that people used to have? It’s in the homes, but there’s no infrastructure. Eighty percent of the infrastructure is controlled by these extremists.”

The same is true, Barsky said, of many of the mainstream Muslim organizations in America. Many of them are “pro-Saudi and pro-Muslim Brotherhood organizations.” As examples, she listed three important groups: the Islamic Society of North America, based in Plainfield, Indiana, which “supports the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi regime;” the Islamic Circle of North America, which “is composed of members of Jamaat-e-Islami, a Pakistani Islamic radical organization similar to the Muslim Brotherhood that helped to establish the Taliban;” and the Council on American-Islamic Relations(CAIR), “founded in the 1980s by pro-Hamas activists.”

Indeed, despite instructions given in Saudi embassy literature – and available in many mosques throughout the country – which blast Jewish and Christian “corruption and immorality” and teach Muslims that “the only way to survive is to have no contact with the infidel Christians and Jews,” these organizations reach out to Jews and Christians. (4)

Barsky explained that interfaith dialogue gives such organizations a public legitimacy that their ideology would deny them if they expressed it outright. “So there’s a problem,” Barsky concluded, “with knowing who these people are, who is really moderate. [These organizations] come to the Jewish community to talk about interfaith, while they still teach anti-Western and anti-Christian doctrines to their followers. Some of the leaders have even condoned suicide bombings in Israel and against American armed forces.”

Her advice to those who want to take part in interfaith activities: “Take time to learn who they are and what they’re saying. It’s more complicated than just respecting each other.” The problem is most acute when it comes to interfaith relations. When advising colleagues on interfaith work with their Muslim counterparts, Barsky tells them “to proceed with caution, [since] some of the [extremist] organizations have concluded that interfaith dialogue is a good way to spread the ideology.” (4)

MfairladymosqueTemple Mount; one of the most important religious sites in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Sheikh Taissar Taimimi, chief Islamic judge of the Palestinian Authority, says that Jews have no history in the city of Jerusalem: They have never lived there and the Temple never existed. His claims would be laughable if they weren’t so common among Palestinians.

Jerusalem is the holiest city in Judaism, mentioned more than 600 times in the Hebrew Bible. Three times a day, religious Jews face toward the city when they pray. At Jewish weddings, the couple shatters a glass to acknowledge Jerusalem’s still unfulfilled redemption. The Koran itself refers to Solomon’s Temple as a “great place of prayer” and the first Muslims referred to Jerusalem as the “City of the Temple.” (20)

Most of the nations of today’s world refuse to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They want it to be under international control. The Vatican has demanded the internationalization of Jerusalem for 48 years. Recently, the heads of the Christian community in Jerusalem called for its internationalization. The World Council of Churches demands the same. Amazingly, Israel’s leaders have secretly offered to hand over sovereignty of Jerusalem’s Old City to the Vatican. Jerusalem is to become the “second Vatican of the world…..”

The Koran, in itself, designates the children of Israel as the “people of the Book” whom Moses led into the promised land and to whom that land belongs (Surah 2:63 ff.; 5:19-24, 68, 70; 10:91, 94; 44:30 ff; etc. ). Nevertheless, Islam insists that Israel belongs to the Arabs. Therefore the Jewish state must be destroyed otherwise Islam has been proven a false religion.

MfairladyArif-KareemThe Obama administration appointed two leaders of the Muslim community to positions on the Homeland Security Advisory Council. The major media outlets did not pick up on this important news. Although there are peaceful Muslims in the mainstream, they have no voice in the organizations in the forefront of activism in non-Muslim countries. In truth, they are targeted by fundamentalist Muslim’s attempts to “purify” Islam.

Nidal Alsayyed, an imam in Southeast Texas, was forced to resign from his position after he endorsed Donald Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigrants entering the United States:  “I certainly see it to be wise,” Nidal Alsayyed said of Mr. Trump’s proposal, a local news station reported Tuesday. “I believe the situation nationally is getting mixed up and certainly agree with Mr. Trump on closing the door until further understanding is achieved. This should not prevent the United States to fulfill its duties towards the international partners and humanity calls outside the United States.” Jessica Chasmar, The Washington Times, 12/11/2015

In August, 2007, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly warned that law enforcement studies have revealed clusters of Muslim individuals throughout the Northeast United States who are “on the path that could lead to homegrown terror.” “The threat is real… There are individuals who are proselytizing, inciting angry young men to go down this path,” said Jenkins, who reviewed and contributed to the NYPD report. (19)

MfairladynuclearTerrorist threat prompts look at nuclear stockpiles.

To guard against terrorists storming a U.S. weapons lab and setting off a crude nuclear device, the Bush administration considered  consolidating much of the nation’s plutonium and bomb-grade uranium at a few highly secure sites, including concrete bunkers in Idaho… Daily Herald, May 20, 2005

MfairladyCoulterOn page 280 of Ann Coulter’s book “Treason,” Coulter writes, “Most neurotically, the media aggressively censored the terrorist’s Muslim names.” In the case of the shoe bomber Tariq Raja, Coulter sites, “Indeed, the ‘New York Times’ went the extra mile, describing him as Richard Colvin Reid, a British citizen with a Christian upbringing.” More disturbing, she adds, “… what the media saw as the crucial, salient fact about sniper John Muhammad was that he was a Gulf War veteran. CNN valiantly insisted on calling John Mohammad by his Christian name–a name he hadn’t used for seventeen years.” She concludes, “The only clue as to the sniper’s religion was the ‘Time’s” repeated insistence that Islam had absolutely nothing to do with the shootings…. The refusal to make a connection between Muslim extremists and unending violence by Muslim extremists borders psychopathological disturbance.” On page 263, she quotes New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman when he blamed twenty years of relentless attacks by Muslim extremists on ‘religious fundamentalists of any stripe.'” (24)

Yehudit Barsky launched a new Arabic-language Web site to familiarize the Muslim world with Jews and Judaism. “Through this lens, we are going to be able to tell the story of the Middle East traditions of Judaism and to show that we Jews are really part of the Middle East,” she said. “We’re also going to have slide shows of Jewish practices and the faces of Jewish people from all over the world, an explanation of all the different holidays, and a timeline from the time of Abraham to the present to show the continuity of the Jewish people.”

At the heart of Barsky’s presentation was a report on her six-day trip to Israel in January as leader of a group of six moderate Muslim Americans under the auspices of AJC’s Project Interchange and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

This is not done very often,” Barsky told the gathering. “We wanted to craft a trip to Israel that would give the participants an idea of what life is like, not only for Israelis, but for Muslim Israelis. It was also an opportunity for them to see Israel as it is — to see and meet people, to ask questions, and to be able to network with people in Israel.”

Her Muslim companions on the trip were from all over America — New Jersey, New York, Washington, Tennessee, and Indiana, Barsky said in a separate interview.

It was a very intense experience,” she said. “The idea was that we should bring people who are Muslim reformists to Israel so they should be able to see it for themselves and to bring about change. The concept of the trip was to show them a different perspective on what’s going on in Israel — to see things people don’t normally get to see, and to have a feeling of what people are going through.”

What we also did was try to give them a taste of Muslim life in Israel,” Barsky added. One such taste, she said, was the visit to Baka al-Gharbiya, where the dean of the college spoke with the group about her efforts to bring young Muslim women into the 21st century by preparing them to have a career. “This doesn’t really exist in the Muslim world,” she said. “The participants were really impressed with this program.” As one who more often finds herself dealing with terror and the victims of terror, Barsky said, she came away from the trip with a sense of hope.

As terrorism increases, Americans will be continuing to surrender to the terrorists. The past seven years leading up 9/11 the terrorists had bided their time, making sure relatively minimal results of the previous assault on the World Trade Center in 1993 would not be repeated.

MfairladychicagomapChicago draws map to survive escape if terrorists strike….–Basically, downtown Chicago will be locked down…What can any of us do right now to prepare? Pray that the plan is never needed. Chuck Goudie, July 11, 2005

Media pundits and the government have stated that life in America will never be the same since the terrorist attacks on September 11. As civil liberties advocates require that even non-citizens are to be treated no different than anyone else, entitling them to the same Constitutional guarantees American citizens, because everyone should be subject to the same scrutiny by the government may very well lead to a situation where no one is free as all citizens are treated “equally” to government interference in their personal lives. This is only hindering efforts to curb terrorism. The government has created executive orders which would allow the president to assume near-dictatorial powers to keep the nation secure should it have to.

MfairladyBostonThe president would have absolute power over every aspect of each individual’s life in the event of “economic or political crisis.” As summarized in Executive Order 11490 (survival guide to martial law), the president is granted the power to take control of all communications media, energy sources, food resources, health, welfare, education, transportation, housing, and the military. It allows him to draft all citizens into work forces under government supervision, to relocate populations, and to order the Postmaster General to register all citizens nationwide. Terrorism and economic chaos could provide “legal” grounds for such executive orders placing America under a dictatorship.( 2, 3 )

MfairladydoomsdayHouse approved it’s own ‘doomsday’ plan.  Fearing that terrorists might target Congress, the House approved a bill to set up speedy special elections if 100 or more of its members are killed.

The spread of Islam’s mosques throughout the Western world accelerates even while Islam denies the same open liberty for other religions in territories it controls. The media never mentions Islam’s intention to conquer the world for Allah.

Two texts in the Koran specifically refer to taqiyya. The Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam reportedly said:3

“[H]e who keeps secrets shall soon attain his objectives. … All War is a ruse” and “Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers; if any do that, they shall have no relation left with Allah except by way of precaution … [taqiyya] that ye may guard yourselves”. [Koran 3:28 and 40.28, emphasis added]

Early Islamic texts refer to the covert nature of taqiyya:

“Al Taqiyya is with the tongue only; not the heart. A believer can make any statement as long as the ‘heart is comfortable …”; “God gave the believers freedom of movement by takiyya; therefore conceal thyself …”; “Taqiyya is a cloak for the believer: he who has no religion has no takiyya, associate your opponents only outwardly and oppose them inwardly”.

Related terms include: protection of the secret (hifz-al sirr), secrecy (katm or kitman), deception (making something ambiguous) and hiding the real state of one’s convictions (talbis). Early Muslim sects, the Najadt and the Kharjites, referred to particular regions outside their communities as “the abode of dissimulation” (dar al taqiyya).

A contemporary definition of taqiyya is religiously-sanctioned deception for the purposes of concealing terrorism. German terrorism expert and Middle East scholar, Basam Tibi, defined taqiyya as: “You are two-faced. You hate me, but you smile at me.”

In extreme circumstances, deception and lying are permitted and the end justifies the means. These doctrines can clearly provide religious justification for deliberate deception – provided that the situation is perceived as threatening, which many Islamists believe is currently the case. The doctrine [taqiyya] could apply to those, for example, who quote a peaceful or tolerant verse from the Koran to show Islam as a religion of peace but fail to mention other verses which are warlike or intolerant”. (23)


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