Sea Kayaking and Whitewater: Roughing it With Scott Berry and Nigel Dennis

Apostles Islands and Nigel Denis

By Mary Fairchild What could be better than kayaking the Apostle Islands? Yup–having Nigel Dennis join you. In order to get better acquainted with rough water this year, I started to look for opportunities to get familiar with whitewater kayaking.  This past week, I opted to get out on Wisconsin’s Wolf River and follow Scott Berry, another expert in kayaking, for[Read more]

World Kayak Hometown Throwdown: Two Brothers, Three Floyds, Five Guys

Chicago Whitewater Assoc

By Mary Fairchild (Ryan M. Duffy, Adrian Oritz; Flickr Pictures here..)  This past weekend my husband and I traveled to South Bend, Indiana for a little business and…  whitewater.  I took my first whitewater class in January with the Chicago Whitewater Association.  Recently, a note on the club’s message board, “Paddle, Party, and Play,”[Read more]

Boat Registration in Illinois: What’s Whitewater Got to do With It?

Chicago Whitewater Assoc

(Chicago Whitewater Association “Intro to Whitewater” at Harper College, February 2011 with Bob Menard; picture by Heidi Haas.) When it comes to non-motorized boats, only Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, Iowa (boats over 15′), Minnesota (boats over 9′), and Pennsylvania require registration fees.    After non-motorized boat users complained in droves, the registration fees[Read more]

Geneva Kayak Center and Yorkville: Catching Waves and Whitewater in the Midwest

Piers Gorge

By Mary Fairchild  Menominee River, Piers Gorge, Spring of 2010; CFS 3000. The Fox River Valley in Yorkville, Illinois, is expected to attract paddlers from throughout the Midwest as well as become an area for paddling instructors as a year-round teaching environment at the first whitewater park in the area. Ryan Rushton, L4[Read more]