Surfing Baja’s Pacific Coast With Ginni Callahan: Sea Kayaks, Grit, and Consistent Swell

Rosalillita Surf

By Mary Fairchild Ginni Callahan, Punta Santa Rosalillita, BCS. Although it is possible to ride storm surf, tidal bores, and swell, what provides us with ‘the finest waves to ride’ is swell arriving on a suitable beach.  Nigel Foster (1) During the first week of April, I was fortunate to be[Read more]

Ladies of the Lake Sea Kayak Symposium: Details, Details, Details

Ladies of the Lake

By Mary Fairchild Can you feel the energy in this picture?  That’s how our two days looked–everyone was beaming and having a lot of fun.  Flickr Pictures Coach Bonnie Perry psyching up our group(above) before we head to the lake on our first day of training at the  Ladies of the[Read more]

Baja Winter Kayak Expedition: Wind, Waves, and Lipstick

Baja and El Norte

By Mary Fairchild(updated 10/2015) Loreto Bay National Marine Park. Our trip began in the little seaside fishing village of Loreto where we had breakfast together in a local restaurant with a local Chihuahua that sat near our table while I caught up on the local news in the “Gringo Gazette.” The waters around Loreto and[Read more]