Willow Creek/Faith/Politics


  1. Boat Registration (Non-motorized boats?)
  2. Boat Registration in Illinois: Chicago Style
  3. Chicago Kayakers (Environmentalism)
  4. Chicago River Kayaking (Safety; Pollution)
  5. Climbing Devils Tower in June With Andy Petefish (Native American climbing ban)
  6. Deep Politics in Chicago (Roti Family Tree; Marilyn Monroe; Tony Rezco)
  7. Forest Service and Public/Private Partnerships:  Selling us our own investments
  8. Globalism and Willow Creek Church (Bono avoids taxes; Gergen; Carter; Blair)
  9. Hawaii During Obama’s Double Trip (Air Force One)
  10. International Sea Kayak Guide Snubs Registered Maine Guides: American Canoe Association’s Cover-up
  11. John Ruskamp Speaks at ESCONI: Midwestern Epigraphic Society, Pseudoarcheology, and Xenoarchaeology Today
  12. Owsley’s Kennewick Man Research may be Trumped by DNA Tests Similar to Anzick Child
  13. Douglas Owsley Chooses to Omit Peer-Review on Kennewick Man Research
  14. Redeveloping Chicago (Millennium Reserve; Rainbow Beach; Eco-Imperialism)
  15. Stonecroft Ministries Expose (TEV Bible Errors; Psychology)
  16. Taqiyya and the American Mosque

Willow Creek Community Church Exposes

  1. Nancy Ortberg Speaks at Willow Creek:  Deep Ecumenism
  2. Willow Creek Community Church 2013: Cool Global Engagement Strategy (Dominion Theology)
  3. Willow Creek: Vision Night (Change the Wineskins)
  4. WCCC:  The Volunteer Revolution (C. Peter Wagner; Soul Care; Mystics)
  5. Manipulating the Church to Globalism (by Dr. Robert Klenck)
  6. Protestant No More:  Willow Creek Renovare
  7. Doubting Bell and Despairing Kierkegaard


  1. Beatles and the Cosmic Consciousness Movement
  2. Church Age; How to Read and Understand the Bible; Receiving Jesus
  3. Climbing Devils Tower in June With Andy Petefish (Native Americans; Separation of church and state)
  4. Counseling, Psychology, and the Occult
  5. Freemasonry: The One Eternal Religion
  6. Old Testament Study
  7. Pompeii and Cosmology:  Ancient Rites and Recent Revivals
  8. The Human Potential Movement (Manly P. Hall; Vincent Peale; Bill Hybels)
  9. Revelation and Church History
  10. Taqiyya and the American Mosque
  11. The Theosophical Society (C. Peter Wagner; Willow Creek)