Giant Fiberglass Statues: Do You Know the Wisconsin Dell’s Muffler Man?

Hiawatha Fiberglass Statue

By Mary Fairchild (updated 10/2015) Until recently, this Muffler Man had been behind the Mobil Station near the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.  Now he’s all groomed, repainted and stands “all lit up” by the Buffalo Phil’s Pizza & Grille.  These giant fiberglass statues were designed to draw the attention of tourists in the latter half of the[Read more]

Nestled Deep in Wisconsin’s Woods: A Rustic Wedding at Mirror Lake State Park

mirror lake wedding

By Mary Fairchild The bride with her flower girls; Mirror Lake State Park Amphitheater, 10/25/14.  Picture by John Nicholls. An outdoor wedding in the woods can be an incredible experience especially in the fall as the cooler days and cooler nights begin to open and reveal more and more of the[Read more]

Sea Kayaking Narragansett Bay: Native American Footpaths and Soul Freedom

Rhode Island

By Mary Fairchild ( Audubon Society George B. Parker Woodland, Coventry, Rhode Island. “Williams(Roger), lacking the resources… got about by canoe, sometimes likely with a sail rigged…Canoeing, even in protected bays meant confronting sometimes breaking surf and routinely strong currents, heavy swells, whitecaps, and wind; occasional exposure to open ocean increased  the[Read more]

Pompeii and Cosmology: Preserved Ancient Rites and Recent Revivals

Lararium, Pompeii

By Mary Fairchild Pompeii is located south of Italy. The area was originally colonized by the Greeks in the 8th century, and had been inhabited continuously since it was buried by ash from a volcanic eruption in 79 A.D.  Mt. Vesuvius was a volcano nearby that was thought to be[Read more]

Kayaking the Apostle Islands: Kennedys, Native Americans, Religion, and Myth

Apostle Islands

By Mary Fairchild Paddling around Eagle Island, 2009; the island is protected by Critical Species Natural Area. Last fall, on September 24th, Chequamegon Bay JFK Day marked Kennedy’s visit to the Apostle Islands area thirty years ago (Sept. 24, 1963).  Chequamegon was applied to the region by traders and missionaries which derives from a Chippewa(Ojibwe) word,[Read more]

Deep Politics in Chicago: Money, Power, and Marilyn

Chicago Deep Politics

By Mary Fairchild The “Welcome to Chicago” sign at the Indiana border on Chicago’s South Side is within POD surveillance.  PODs are surveillance cameras with zoom and 360 degree rotation capabilities for high-crime areas.  They are mounted on city light poles to help reduce violent crime and drug dealing. In a recent[Read more]