Willow Creek Community Church: Manipulating the Church to Globalism


By Mary Fairchild Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, Illinois.  Willow Creek/Politics The community….needs a community center… I’m not talking religion now, I’m talking society. There is no other institution (churches) in the American community that could be the center. Peter Drucker Notes from:  Diaprax: Manipulating the Church In To Globalism by Dr.[Read more]

Protestant No More: Willow Creek is Infiltrated by a Mystic Quaker Movement Called Renovare

Bill Hybles Willow Creek & Globalism

The Church Age Mary Fairchild; dedicating my 4th child in 1992 at Willow Creek before leaving the church.  Willow Creek/Politics By Mary Fairchild; 2003 I went back to Willow Creek earlier this year only to discover my plans to be serving in the women’s ministry as a “Biblical Titus 2[Read more]