Taqiyya and the American Mosque

Taqiyya and America

By Mary Fairchild IMAMI Mosque, Streamwood, Illinois. The Islamic tradition of taqiyya stretches back to the sixth-century AD when, following disputes over succession after the Prophet Mohammed’s death, the minority Shiites developed taqiyya, or “holy deception”, to conceal their “true” beliefs from the Sunni majority and to maintain operational security[Read more]

Freemasonry: The One Eternal Religion


By Mary Fairchild  Willow Creek/Politics (Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike) As Masonry expands, all religious dogmas will cease to be, all individual creeds and doctrines will be done away with, and what remains will be ‘The One Eternal Religion.’  Joesph Ford Newton Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge The Barbaric Red Fez[Read more]

The Beatles and the Cosmic Consciousness Movement


By Mary Fairchild  Willow Creek/Politics Saturday Evening Post, May 4, 1968. Millions of Beatles’ fans became convinced that transcendental meditation (TM) was an even more powerful way to alter your consciousness than drugs. “You go Beatles?” was the question of the driver for one of Life Magazine’s journalists who made[Read more]