Taqiyya and the American Mosque

Taqiyya and America

By Mary Fairchild IMAMI Mosque, Streamwood, Illinois. The Islamic tradition of taqiyya stretches back to the sixth-century AD when, following disputes over succession after the Prophet Mohammed’s death, the minority Shiites developed taqiyya, or “holy deception”, to conceal their “true” beliefs from the Sunni majority and to maintain operational security[Read more]

Deep Politics in Chicago: Money, Power, and Marilyn

Chicago Deep Politics

By Mary Fairchild The “Welcome to Chicago” sign at the Indiana border on Chicago’s South Side is within POD surveillance.  PODs are surveillance cameras with zoom and 360 degree rotation capabilities for high-crime areas.  They are mounted on city light poles to help reduce violent crime and drug dealing. In a recent[Read more]

Nancy Ortberg Speaks at Willow Creek: Bill Hybels’ Women Unveil Deep Ecumenism


By Mary Fairchild (Mother’s Day at Willow Creek Church, South Barrington, Illinois.  2013.) “In rare instances these esoteric teachings [Ancient Wisdom] have been presented by an initiate to the public in a way which has made it accessible to the average person.” The “deeper spirituality” of Richard Foster, Henry Nouwen, and Thomas[Read more]

Forest Service and Public/Private Partnerships: Selling us Access to Our Own Investments

Hitchcock Pinnacle with  Jeff Fassett .

By Mary Fairchild (Mt. Lemmon, Tuscon, Arizona.  Flickr Pictures.)  Our country has beautiful national forests and parks to explore.  Many of us enjoy exploring them.  At one time, the undeveloped areas required no money to enter, and developed facilities were basic but affordable. “The Forest Service will be allowing private companies to[Read more]

Willow Creek Community Church: Vision Night


By Mary Fairchild “Jesus used to say every once in awhile you have to change the wineskins.”  Bill Hybels, Vision Night 2003 Completion of the 7,200-seat, $73 million, auditorium keeps Willow Creek in the ‘top ten’ largest church auditoriums in the country. The lobby includes a water wall, escalators, 12[Read more]