International Sea Kayak Guide Snubs Registered Maine Guides: American Canoe Association’s Cover-up


By Mary Fairchild(updated 12/02/2015) This was my favorite play area from my 2011 guided Coastal Maine trip (2011 report). The sea kayaking community needs, perhaps most of all, to guard against any shift from safety to one of recognition and getting paid.  Known as “Ocean Camp Maine,” my second guided trip[Read more]

Sea Kayaking Narragansett Bay: Native American Footpaths and Soul Freedom

Rhode Island

By Mary Fairchild ( Audubon Society George B. Parker Woodland, Coventry, Rhode Island. “Williams(Roger), lacking the resources… got about by canoe, sometimes likely with a sail rigged…Canoeing, even in protected bays meant confronting sometimes breaking surf and routinely strong currents, heavy swells, whitecaps, and wind; occasional exposure to open ocean increased  the[Read more]

Ladies of the Lake Sea Kayak Symposium: Details, Details, Details

Ladies of the Lake

By Mary Fairchild Can you feel the energy in this picture?  That’s how our two days looked–everyone was beaming and having a lot of fun.  Flickr Pictures Coach Bonnie Perry psyching up our group(above) before we head to the lake on our first day of training at the  Ladies of the[Read more]

Surfing My First Hole at Piers Gorge

Piers Gorge

By Mary Fairchild  Sara Hartman, Ron Laird, Mary Fairchild, Alex Reily,  Walter Afable, and Ryan Rushton; Terminal Surfer; July 26, 2013; 1800 CFS.  Picture courtesy: Kat Kulchinski. Intentional hole and wave surfing are the bulk of what river runners call play.  It means stopping at a river feature and exploring[Read more]

Baja Winter Kayak Expedition: Wind, Waves, and Lipstick

Baja and El Norte

By Mary Fairchild(updated 10/2015) Loreto Bay National Marine Park. Our trip began in the little seaside fishing village of Loreto where we had breakfast together in a local restaurant with a local Chihuahua that sat near our table while I caught up on the local news in the “Gringo Gazette.” The waters around Loreto and[Read more]

Chicago River Kayaking: Don’t Get Caught Up Creek Without a Paddle

Chicago River

When it comes to kayaking the Chicago River, some don’t give it a second thought, while others wonder if what they are doing is safe.  Erring on the cautious side, I pulled up a few blog posts from our past CASKA trip reports on the Chicago River that may help[Read more]