International Sea Kayak Guide Snubs Registered Maine Guides: American Canoe Association’s Cover-up


By Mary Fairchild(updated 12/02/2015) This was my favorite play area from my 2011 guided Coastal Maine trip (2011 report). The sea kayaking community needs, perhaps most of all, to guard against any shift from safety to one of recognition and getting paid.  Known as “Ocean Camp Maine,” my second guided trip[Read more]

Boat Registration in Illinois: Chicago Style

Chicago Whitewater Assoc

By Mary Fairchild At the CASKA gathering last night, held at Chicago’s Jackson Park Yacht Club, I had a chance to catch up with Gary Steinbauer.  Gary and I attended some of our first kayaking with the club together in 201l.  We’ve both paddled not only Lake Michigan, but the whitewater park in Yorkville which had[Read more]

Hawaii: Vacationing During the President’s Double Holiday Trip to the Islands


By Mary Fairchild Waikiki Beach, Oahu, 12/30/2012 The Hawaiian Archipelago is the oldest and longest chain  of islands in the world.  When our family landed on Oahu it was just after sunset so we could not get a good feel for where we were.  It was Friday night and the[Read more]

Chicago River Kayaking: Don’t Get Caught Up Creek Without a Paddle

Chicago River

When it comes to kayaking the Chicago River, some don’t give it a second thought, while others wonder if what they are doing is safe.  Erring on the cautious side, I pulled up a few blog posts from our past CASKA trip reports on the Chicago River that may help[Read more]

Boat Registration in Illinois: What’s Whitewater Got to do With It?

Chicago Whitewater Assoc

(Chicago Whitewater Association “Intro to Whitewater” at Harper College, February 2011 with Bob Menard; picture by Heidi Haas.) When it comes to non-motorized boats, only Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, Iowa (boats over 15′), Minnesota (boats over 9′), and Pennsylvania require registration fees.    After non-motorized boat users complained in droves, the registration fees[Read more]