Mazon Creek Fossils

Mazon Creek Fossils of Illinois

By Mary Fairchild (updated 11/2015) In all North America, the Mazon Creek flora has the largest number of species and greatest taxonomic diversity of any Moscovian Pennsylvanian period assemblage.  More than 200 species have been documented, of which the majority are fern and seed fern foliage.  Jack Wittry Jack Wittry has[Read more]

Dinner With Frederick Schram

Fred Schram

By Mary FairchildRob Sula, Dr. Frederick R. Schram, Jack Wittry, Jim Fairchild.–August, 2011. The Mazon Creek site is very significant because of the diversity of life compared to other Lagerstatten.  Frederick R. Schram (2) In August,  ESCONI members Rob and Sondra Sula, Jack and Charlene Wittry, and Jim and I met[Read more]