Kayaking the Apostle Islands: Kennedys, Native Americans, Religion, and Myth

Apostle Islands

By Mary Fairchild Paddling around Eagle Island, 2009; the island is protected by Critical Species Natural Area. Last fall, on September 24th, Chequamegon Bay JFK Day marked Kennedy’s visit to the Apostle Islands area thirty years ago (Sept. 24, 1963).  Chequamegon was applied to the region by traders and missionaries which derives from a Chippewa(Ojibwe) word,[Read more]

Deep Politics in Chicago: Money, Power, and Marilyn

Chicago Deep Politics

By Mary Fairchild The “Welcome to Chicago” sign at the Indiana border on Chicago’s South Side is within POD surveillance.  PODs are surveillance cameras with zoom and 360 degree rotation capabilities for high-crime areas.  They are mounted on city light poles to help reduce violent crime and drug dealing. In a recent[Read more]

Chicago Kayakers, Environmentalism, and Incentives: What’s Good For the Goose is Good For the Gander?

Chicago Kayakers

(Cumberland Island; 3/19/11) Cumberland Island, Georgia, is the premiere sea-kayaking destination in the Southeast.  Last February, I looked forward to catching my first glimpses of the feral horses on Cumberland Island.  The area is not only a birdwatcher’s hotspot, but an important location for the nesting of three species of endangered sea turtles.  Just[Read more]