Exploring the Great Basin: Camping in the Anza-Borrego Desert, Hiking around the Calico Early Man Site, to Sand Boarding the Ancient Sand of Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Anza Borrego Desert

By Mary Fairchild (updated 11/2010) Anza-Borrego Desert The Great Basin stretches from southern Idaho to Southern California which includes all, or portions, of Oregon, California, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.  Its southwestern parts are now known as the Mojave and Colorado Deserts of Southern California.  In this large, generally dry, mountain-studded region of the West[Read more]

Mazon Creek Fossils

Mazon Creek Fossils of Illinois

By Mary Fairchild (updated 11/2015) In all North America, the Mazon Creek flora has the largest number of species and greatest taxonomic diversity of any Moscovian Pennsylvanian period assemblage.  More than 200 species have been documented, of which the majority are fern and seed fern foliage.  Jack Wittry Jack Wittry has[Read more]

Dinosaur Bone Hunting

Dinosaur Bone Hunting

By Mary Fairchild2015, New Castle, Wyoming. When dinosaurs walked the earth, a vast inland sea had covered the area from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Today, our families can walk the earth and uncover the very paths of the dinosaurs through trips with Dr. Steve Nicklas of Paleo Prospectors. [Read more]

Wisconsin’s Glacial Mounds


By Mary Fairchild This is a view from Friendship Mound overlooking Friendship Lake.  Three stages in the erosion cycle are well represented by Friendship Mound.  Because the rock is porous, lacks limy and shaly beds, and it has a thick-bedded character, we find the soft, weak Cambrian sandstone is able to stand up in cliffs,[Read more]

Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art: Chinese Jade Carvings, Fossils, and Minerals


By Mary Fairchild The upper level of the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art displays a large selection of Chinese jade and hard stone carvings from around the world and the lower level of the museum presents lapidary materials, fossils, meteorites, and minerals.  My husband and I stopped in recently and chatted with Dorothy Ascher[Read more]

Mid-America Paleontology Society Annual Fossil Show Moves to Iowa


By Mary Fairchild Is it dinosaur?  This fossil was found in gravel in northwest Iowa.  Flickr Picture Set The huge continental glaciers that advanced and retreated across Iowa during the Ice Age picked up large volumes of rock and other sediments as they moved across the continent.  Today, reworked and transported Cretaceous fossils, which[Read more]